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Mark Logo

A logo is the graphic representation of a trademark, which expresses and communicates to the market the identity of the company. It is what represents it and makes it recognizable.

Our Goal

The goal when designing a logo is to combine typographic and graphic elements in order to express the philosophy, vision, goals and values of a company. As well as being distinctive and appealing to the target audience.

How we work

The course we usually follow is to listen to the needs of our customers. We, then, study the competition as well as the audience we are targeting. And, at the end, to create proposals based on the needs, values and desires of the company and the market.


Rodopoulos Jewellery.

The company Rodopoulos manufactures and trades jewellery all over Greece. 

Business Anamorfosis.

A company that offers consulting services to other businesses. 


Sirios Brokers.

Company of brokers in Greece.

Cleaning Bros.

Company that offers biological purification services to individuals and businesses. 


The Hemp Plastic Co.

Logo proposal for a company producing hemp-based bioplastics.

Consulting Psychology.

Logo proposal for a private psychologist.


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