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Medical Brand Identity

Every professional can create their own medical identity. That's giving a personal character to something that is widespread and common to all. 

Our Goal

Our design aims to make everyone stand out, imprinting in their identity apart from their specialty and their personality. With years of knowledge and experience, as well as a fresh look, we design and offer original solutions.

How we work

Through mutual communication, understanding your needs and studying the competition we offer a proposal. This proposal is transformed into a complete brand identity, which includes everything you need. From your business card to the signage of your practice.


Professional medical cards aimed at cardiologists. These are some indicative designs, which we can edit based on your needs. Either with color changes, or with a combination of elements that you may like. We can also adapt any design to any application to create a complete medical brand identity.


Professional medical cards aimed at orthopedics and physiotherapists. We consider the creation of a neat and clear image to be a necessary element in the creation of a corporate identity.


Professional medical cards aimed at pathologists and general practitioners. Creating a corporate identity is a process we enjoy. That is why we give all our energy regardless of the size of the project we are called upon to carry out. Whether it's individually a business card, or the entire design of a brand identity.


Professional medical cards for pediatricians. The process of designing a brand identity starts with you and ends with you. We are happy to listen to your needs, as well as understand your personal style to come up with an effective and stylish design.

Lung specialist.

A business card is part of a larger set that constitutes the corporate identity. In addition to its utilitarian nature, a corporate identity is required to create a specific impression of the person or company it represents.

Comprehensive Brand Identities.

Our goal is to offer a complete brand identity, which will meet your needs through specific applications. Whether that is envelopes, business cards, notebooks, folders, practice signage and anything else you may need. 

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