Website Design

Psomas Jewellery

The company

Psomas Jewellery, deals with the design, manufacture and trade of jewellery. 

Our Goal

Our goal was to design and build a website that is minimal, clean and easy to use, with strong images and simple lines. 

Study - Website Design
Product Photography
Content creation
(images & texts) 

Simple design with
strong imagery.

In order to create an easy to use and attractive website, we chose a simple design based on white and beige and created beautiful images for the presentation of the jewellery.

The website is designed to be fully responsive on all devices. 

White space.

The colour palette extends to white, black and white and beige. Wanting the products to stand out, we created a website with a lot of white space.

Bold images.

We created image compositions for the home page as well as for the product page, in which the jewellery will stand out.

The website's main objective is to present the company, for anyone who is not familiar with it. As well as the presentation of the jewellery collection manufactured by the company, so that anyone interested can see the design and the information about each piece of jewellery.

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