Brand Identity


The company

Homedit has been manufacturing furniture for the kitchen and office for 25 years. As well as offering interior design and renovation services.

Our Goal

Our goal was to create a new logo brand, simple, modern, geometry-based, referring to the company's services.

Logo Design
Design of a Corporate Website

Design that refers to
geometry and simple lines.

The creation of the logo was based on geometry and minimalism. We chose a simple font and a pentagon that refers to a house, which contains lines that form the letter H and are reminiscent of those of architectural drawings.

Black and white.

We chose the range of white and black because it gives a classic yet modern feel to the logo. And the sharp contrast will always create interest in the viewer.

Corporate Website.

The company's corporate website is also in the same colour range. We consider the presence of a company on the internet to be extremely important nowadays. For this reason we have undertaken the creation of a temporary website on which the basic information of the company will be provided.

We created a temporary, one page, website with a few words about the object and the history of the company.

The services that Homedit can offer to its potential customers.

As well as contact details and a contact form so that the user can easily and quickly contact the company.

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