Brand Identity

Bistis Movers

The company

Bistis Movers is a company that offers forward and storage services. It is one of the most reliable companies in Greece and its activities have expanded abroad. 

Our goal

Our goal was to create a brand that would inspire confidence in the public and be recognizable.  With bold colors and the creation of a brand that would act as the company's seal, we set out to build all of its visual communication.

Logo Design
Communication Strategy Study
Print Communication Identity Design

Design based on
on bold colours and 
in the creation of a character.

The creation of the logo was based on the idea of the logo as a seal. The bright colours and the depiction of a character within it make it direct and completely understandable. 

Complete service
from professionals.

In order to show the professionalism of the company and the comprehensive service they offer, we proceeded with a photoshooting.


Printed Material.

Using the material we gathered, we proceeded to create a brochure and various everyday usable objects.

Corporate Brochure.

Creation of a brochure to introduce the company to potential customers. 

Corporate Folder.

Corporate folder which contains the company's promotional material and is given during the briefing of potential customers.


Advertisement listing for the company.

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